“To achieve great things we must not only act, but also dream.
Not just designing, but also believing. “
Anatole France


I believe that the seed from which the Dell’Agoghè shop blossomed was planted by my hands about ten years ago, in a kennel in Parma where I met and adopted my first dog: Sonia.


In a short time, I became passionate about ethology and training. Internships, courses and masters followed, initially as a student and then as a teacher, accompanied by the first diplomas and patents, to finally arrive at the opening of my first training center. The second, the third followed, up to about seven centers, several of which were called asd Dell’Agoghè. I was not satisfied, so in collaboration with other colleagues I created an Enci School for student dog trainers and, finally, enriched my dog ​​skills by becoming also a breeder with Enci affix, strictly called Dell’Agoghè.


Between consultations, litters and teaching in the most desperate places in Italy, I very often found myself having to provide advice on training equipment, feed and other more varied things, only indirectly connected to training and breeding activity. Practically, without awareness, I carried out that typical activity of a retailer: I chose the best products to put on the market for customer satisfaction.

I already had a shop, and I didn’t know it.

Perhaps the peculiarity of the Dell’Agoghè brand lies precisely in the fact that its owners are long-time professionals in the sector and therefore know the products from direct life experience.

We aim for quality, paying particular attention to made in Italy. They are in fact Italian artisans who produce training jackets, collars and leashes or even the beautiful sheepdog sticks in their workshops.


Without renouncing where necessary to enhance the import of quality, when it is necessary to look beyond our borders to meet the needs of our man-dog combination.


We design and we believe in it.


Salvatore Finaldi